Forms Catalog - Accreditation

In order to view and print the forms from the ARC Form Catalog you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC. To download this free software simply click here.

Several of our forms have been moved to the new Accreditation Tool which can be accessed via:

Please remember you must have been granted access by your Primary Administrator to access this new tool. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Care Center at (855) 816-8003.

The forms that have moved include the following:

  • Major and minor address changes
  • Bank account change
  • Bank account access
  • DBA name change
  • File information request
  • Office classification
  • Traditional Branch and Ticket Fulfillment Location (TFL)
  • Less than 30% ownership change
  • Officer change
  • Change in personnel
  • Change tax ID
  • Stock Transfer with No New Owners
352ARC Application Types and Fees406/2010
353Application Fee Schedule 2 10/2013
604Change Of STP Location310/2013
605Application to Redesignate the Host of a STP Location202/2011
607Change Of Agency Legal Name302/2011
610Redesignation of a Home Office Location302/2011
617Temporary Closing102/2011
625Voluntary Cancellation Of ARC Listing - If you are interested in Voluntary Deleting from ARC, please call +1 703.816.8530.
682Personal History Form505/2014